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    Pennswood Village Boost Census Using Collaboration and Creative, Targeted Strategies

  • With occupancy at 88%, Pennswood Village needed a foundational approach that would include a unique slant on sales training, a new marketing plan and fresh creative campaign strategies.
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Case Studies

Our Case Studies may differ from those you have seen from other senior living marketing firms. While they may tout awards they received based on the work they produced, our working relationships with clients—and our case studies—are centered on achieving results that help drive sales, increase census and heighten awareness. These achievements are the rewards we share with our clients.

We are proud of our many successful client relationships, and equally proud of the work we have done for them. We welcome you to download and read about the results of our efforts:

Pennswood Village Boost Census Using Collaboration and Creative, Targeted Strategies
With occupancy at 88%, Pennswood Village needed a foundational approach that would include a unique slant on sales training, a new marketing plan and fresh creative campaign strategies.

How a handheld telescope opened prospects’ eyes and delivered millions in revenue for an Atlanta retirement community
Using a hand delivered “mailer” to entice a very small upscale audience of potential buyers to an event in an elegant apartment home.

Improved Branding and Messaging Helps Drive New Community's Census from 74% to 95%
Repositioning with targeted messaging and materials lowers marketing costs per lead while significantly raising census!

Soft-sell falls short in today's market. Strong, results-driven approach takes census from 86% to 100%
We trained the sales staff to truly get to know the needs and wants of each prospective resident. This included the task of asking questions that may be more difficult to answer. The result was increasing census to 100%.

Is Your Events Strategy Working? Five Case Study-Based Tips to Get Prospects to Campus
Five ingredients for better events: combine the right audience, the best variety, great value, a perfect fit and a warm welcome. We share an example of each that yielded outstanding results!

Lenbrook - Metrics-Focused Strategy Boosts Leads and Sales... and Entrance Fee Revenue by $5 Million
We brought the right marketing, positioning, sales and analytical skills to the table, resulting in double the lead generation and new resident contracts that exceeded the previous year’s total by $5 million.

Aldersgate Retirement Community - How Raising Expectations and Building Census Can Go Hand-in-hand
Our results for Aldersgate have been achieved through the seamless integration of an extensive assessment, sales support, marketing assistance and lead generation. The community was at 88% census when we began implementing the marketing plan in 2011. By May of 2012, the community was at 94% sold in independent living!

John Knox Village - Working Side-By-Side to Achieve Sales Success
By fall of 2008, John Knox Village’s occupancy had decreased from 96% to 91%, due in part to a disastrous real estate market. We recommended community improvements and an extensive retooling of their sales approach. Since late 2008, the sales team has achieved record results, including 95 sales in 2011 alone, up from 39 sales in 2008!

Vinson Hall — Research-based Branding Produces Extraordinary Results for Expansion
Rebranding was in order for Vinson Hall, as the community was poised to accept former high-level government employees as well as retired military officers—all in tandem with a major community expansion. Within nine months we helped them achieve 93% apartment presales!

Meadow Lake Retirement Community - New Sales Approaches Regain Covenant Compliance
Working with a client whose project had been stopped and started three times, we forged a strong partnership to help realign the sales team, target an existing lead base and establish a systematic approach to interacting with prospective buyers. Within a span of just three months Meadow Lake improved from one sale per month to 19 sales!

Edgewood Retirement Community - Integrating Sales and Marketing to Drive Presales in a Difficult Economy
Edgewood ran headlong into a difficult real estate market, having converting only seven of the 28 priority depositors for its major expansion. Our initial role included updating the community’s brand and generating leads, then transitioned into implementing a sales system. Within two months we helped achieve the client’s target of 70% presales!

Florida Presbyterian Homes - Effective lead generation, even in today’s economy
While experiencing solid census in most areas, Florida Presbyterian found its cottage census was becoming a challenge. We took a broad look at the client’s marketing and sales program, and recommended a multi-step program to help refine their sales approach and generate leads. During one event, the community hosted 165 new and existing prospects and within six weeks the sales team had executed nine new contracts!

Fleet Landing Retirement Community - Effective lead generation, even in today’s economy
Fighting the perception that the community was only for retired military, Fleet Landing’s challenge was to generate community visits, not just phone calls. We developed an overall marketing program that included branding, lead generation and sales management, with a key component being a series of Lunch-n-Learn events. The mailing created to fill four events actually filled nine, outperforming all prior community event mailings!