• “Love & Company's unique and creative approaches to lead generation campaigns truly captured the culture of our community and always resulted in new, quality leads - many of whom now enjoy life here at Edgewood.”

  • “WesleyLife is not just about retirement living, we are a health and wellness organization that helps older adults live longer, healthier lives. Love & Company not only understands the retirement living industry in general, but they were able to create uniquely tailored tactics and messages that differentiated us in the market place.”

  • “Love & Company has brought strong ideas to the table, particularly related to strategic sales methods in a challenging time. From the start they have created forward-thinking plans that have resulted in positive, measurable outcomes, and they have taken the time to learn the culture of our organization and to mirror our belief and enthusiasm in our mission.”

  • “The Love team is positive, professional and collaborative.”

  • “With the leadership of Susan Foley, our team increased its closing ratio by 1.5 points. The result was that we doubled our sales in 2011 over 2010 and 2012 is on track for another good year. Discovery training was the difference. Our residents and CFO are very excited!”

  • “The Love team is professional, talented, insightful, and very detail-oriented. We were impressed with how Love took the time up front to evaluate how they could best sell this project to the target market. ”

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The Look of Love

At Love & Company, we set high standards for our work and its performance. The marketing plans we develop should meet or exceed our standards for efficiency, effectiveness and budget.

Creative projects need to not only to express the personality and promises of your brand, but also to produce results.

Whatever we do, Love & Company is always striving to improve the way your marketing messages work for you. To learn more, take a look at our case studies and creative portfolio!


Lead Generation Campaigns

If effectiveness is the hallmark of great lead generation campaigns, this is where we really shine—and not in the usual way. Truly effective work is rarely flashy or shiny; instead, it is created to accomplish the task at hand, whether that task is to generate responses or help build a brand. The advertising and direct mail projects we create follow the cardinal rule of relating the story in a straightforward way, through compelling copy and on-target graphics.

Direct mail is quite often our clients’ best means of generating leads and qualified responses—and of inviting prospective residents to events. Our campaigns combine positioning-based creative with detailed control of mail house operations, list refinement and procurement and powerful tracking tools.

We don’t just create pretty mail, or even mail that works pretty well. We create campaigns that generate response, build brand consistency and fill events (sometimes causing clients to schedule additional event dates!).

Love & Company has created advertising for placement in broadcast, print, online and outdoor media. Our media team creates media strategies, maintains strong contacts with media reps and places advertising that is on time, on budget and on target.


Branding & Collateral

Two things set our branding and collateral projects apart from those of other agencies or marketing firms. First, our starting point is an agreed-upon positioning document that drives everything we do. And second, our purpose is always to increase response and build community census, not to win an award for our creativity.

Branding projects have ranged from creating a completely new identity for a client to refreshing a brand with new colors and type styles. Collateral projects have ranged from full packages for start-up communities, major expansions and repositioning efforts, to specialty projects, such as a healthcare or wellness brochure. Our process for major collateral packages begins with a carefully drawn schematic diagram, and proceeds to the production of the materials from start to finish, including layout and design, copy preparation, photo selection, finished artwork, printing and distribution.


Other Media

As a full-service agency, our work has included projects created for broadcast and outdoor media, as well as for digital media.

Love & Company creates new Web sites for clients and suggests new content for, and improvements to, existing sites, as well as creating other digital projects. Our approach for Web sites begins with a careful, detailed site audit that helps to identify areas where new or additional graphic or copy content is needed, where improved navigation and page flow may be required and where items such as calls to action need to be strengthened.

Following the audit process we team with a Web site developer to implement the programming and front-end graphic and copy content. Our creative and account teams provide input and content to the developer, and monitor the entire site-development process until the site is completed and ready to go live, which includes results tracking and metrics.